Episode 070 – (NSFW) Pick a card…

Nov 12, 2015 | | Say something

Streamed live on 27 Jun 2015
WARNING! As this is a “Power of Ten” episode, the gloves are off, the filters are set on the shelf. This will NOT be a family-friendly episode. that being said….

This week, the hosts will be playing an online version of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ against each other. The discussion will be directed by each of the hosts as they become ‘Card Czar’. What will we each talk about? Who knows? Might be directed by the cards or something they want off their chest.

PLUS! If you’d like to be on the show for this one, please send a request on this event page and we’ll add you too!

And this week’s #FiveMinuteFreeStyle topic is: “A Win is a Win…. Right?”

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