Episode 078 – Is the Safety On?

Nov 12, 2015 | | Say something

Streamed live on 29 Aug 2015
“Trigger Warnings” also known as “Emotional Landmines”. Is it a worthy topic? Right now, it is and we’re going to talk about why that is.

And the #FiveMinuteFreeStyle is – Why Satire is important?

(Show Notes)

Beth: actually it was also an out take tot he satanic panic…Tipper Gore, who in 1985 formed the Parents Media Resource Center (PMRC) – the group responsible for the “Parental Advisory” stickers found on music because of back-masking

Katie: This guy was punished for how he looked but an actual rapist on a college campus goes free.

Male Student Allegedly Banned from Campus Because His Resemblance to a Rapist Was Triggering?
Good advice

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