Episode 083 – Who Do You Love?

Nov 12, 2015 | | Say something

Streamed live on 3 Oct 2015
Kim Davis went to jail for a week… came out and refused to do her job AGAIN.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa had a judgement against them of $135,000…. three months later and over $500,000 in crowd funding later they refuse to pay the award.

Time and again the Religious Zealots are snubbing their noses at the civil government to say, “I don’t respect your authoritah!” This week, we’re going to talk about this asinine behaviour.

And for your #FiveMinuteFreeStyle Fan Boy-Ism

Tenn. county to consider resolution begging God to spare them ‘His coming wrath’ over same-sex marriage
Show Notes from ‘Havoc and Chaos’ ::The real effect of so-called “religious liberty”
Will the world be much more dangerous if atheism grows bigger?

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