Episode 096 – Religion is Harmless?!

Feb 13, 2016 | | Say something

Streamed live on 2 Jan 2016

With the turning of the new year, time to start off Pissed Off. Ladies and gentlemen, START… YOUR… ENGINES! We’re going to talk about how bad PASSIVE Religeous / Woo belief REALLY is!

This week’s #FiveMinuteFreeStyle Only fish with fins, because. …

(Show Notes)

Stanislaw Burzynski and “Antineoplastons”

Religious freedom or medical necessity? Idaho rep tackles faith healing after child deaths – Daily Journal

Makayla Sault, girl who refused chemo for leukemia, dies – Aboriginal – CBC

Murder Charge Stands for Pa. Faith-Healing Parents – ABC News

Atheist Apocalypse
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