Episode 120 – You’ve Been Warned! (NSFW)

Jul 21, 2016 | | Say something
Streamed live on 25 Jun 2016
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Another ‘Power of Ten’ ™ episode… and if you thought we had it bad before, sweet jumpin’ baby Jesus, you have NO idea what’s about to happen this time. Because Shujin is right royally pissed off this week so you can bet SOMEONE’S gonna get an earful. From the E.U. to Trump to Gun Control to who only knows. We’ll have a LOT of ground to tinker with.

#FiveMinuteFreeStyle this week: “3, 264, 88, 70”

(Show Notes)

“Butt Plugs” Prank call video

Ride for Roswell Photo Stream

(Host Notes)
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