Episode 123 – We Like Gods…Like Apollo

Jul 31, 2016 | | Say something
Streamed live on 23 Jul 2016
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This week marks 47 years since NASA’s Apollo 11 landed on the Moon: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became three of the most revered names in scientific history. What’s happened since then? Conspiracies abound, technological advances leap forward and the source code for Apollo has been released to the Public Domain! Why do we LOVE ‘The Final Frontier’ so much?

#FiveMinuteFreeStyle this week: “Cameras! Cameras as far as the eye can see!”

(Show Notes)

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) Free Demo Available

(Host Notes)
— Shujin —
Twitter –@ShujinTribble/@HolyCrapTV
Ride for Roswell — http://Give.RoswellPark.org/goto/EOCFS

— Chris —
Amateur boxing match at Preston Guild Hall for Cancer Research UK

— Dalan —
Blog — http://robotechtiger.tumblr.com/

— Joseph —

— Brigid —
Blog — https://brigidfitch2112.wordpress.com…

— Heretic Woman —
Beyond the Trailer Park
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