Episode 134 – Who is it for?

Oct 23, 2016 | | Say something
Streamed live on 9 Oct 2016

As mentioned last week, Niki Massey from The Orbit blog “Seriously?!?” ( http://the-orbit.net/seriously/ ) died unexpectedly. She was a good friend, an amazingly unrepentant thinker…. and an outspoken Atheist.

And now it’s very likely that her memorial & funeral services will be far more religiously themed than she would have wanted. So here’s the question: Who are these services for and how should they be conducted when there’s a conflict between what the mourners think and what the departed thought?

#FiveMinuteFreeStyle “DON’T call in the cavalry.”

(Show Notes)

Niki Massey’s blog, “Seriously?!?” on The Orbit:

Niki Massey’s Obituary:

The Orbit Remembering Niki Massey: Blog Roundup:

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