Episode 205 – On a Stick

Jul 1, 2018 | | Say something

Streamed live on 1 Apr 2018

One of the Holiest of Holy Days for the Christians is here. Easter Sunday. The story of the Son of God (who is himself) being brought back from the dead (meaning using the ultimate cheat-code), to grant forgiveness to everyone for something they never did because… ‘Reasons’?

Yeah, we atheists don’t really understand how anyone can find this story palatable or good or just…. but how far can we go with trying to explain it to others who are still very much True Belivers?

#5MFS ‘I.O.U.’

(Show Notes)

Montreal Gazette: Raif Badawi Daniel Pearl Award for Courage & Integrity in Journalism

Amazon: NongShim Ramyun Spicy Noodle Gourmet

Today I Found Out: Ham Tradition At Easter

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