Episode 208 – The Best DEFENSE

Jul 1, 2018 | | Say something

Streamed live on 22 Apr 2018

‘Bionic Dance’ has been responding to theists on YouTube with a very specific rationale – to be the counter-voice against their claims. And the reason she’s stated on MANY of those videos? “Self Defense”. So for our Fourth Year of Programming Anniversary we’re talking with her about why this is important, how to do it right, how you can do it too.

#5MFS ‘Four Years Later’

(Show Notes)

Guest Host – Bionic Dance
YouTube — http://t.co/mmy1xKcLBC
Twitter — https://twitter.com/BionicDance

Videos Referenced —
Bionic Dance: Around & around in Balboa park

Tim Minchin: The Pope Song

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