Episode 277 – Less ‘PEW-PEW’ to go around

Sep 8, 2019 | | Say something

Streamed September 7, 2019

Would you look at that? Walmart, who sells ~20% of all firearm ammunition in the U.S., has decided to no-longer stock certain ammunitions & rifles favoured by mass shooters, will discontinue handgun sales, and only continue sales of long-barrel rifles and shotguns for hunting and sports shooting. (Oh, and no longer allow customers to openly carry firearms in stores.)

“But,” you ask, “where’s the ‘WHY’ of it all?”

Simple – because Walmart had shootings in their stores (El Paso, Tx – 22 people killed and dozens wounded, Southaven, Miss. – Two employees killed with former employee charged in the shooting, Hobart, Indiana – One person wounded forcing managers to evacuate the store), and 40 employees walk off the job in protest of nothing being done.

#5MFS “Fun”

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