Episode 314 – EAT IT!

Jun 17, 2020 | | Say something

Streamed live on 6 Jun 2020

We were hoping this would be a more light-hearted show, something we could use a “Pie-Pun” with. But no. Just days ago we had to deal with Buffalo, NY riot police shoving a 75 year old man, making him fall backwards and cracking his skull on the concrete sidewalk. And when one of the officers started to kneel down to assess his condition, he was pulled up to get back in line.

Fifty Cops, nearly all of them heard the impact and reacted to it. They flinched. All recorded on cameras. And they did not take a mental step back and go, “Wait… this isn’t right.” No one arrested, on the spot, the police officers responsible for causing enough injury to this citizen that he was bleeding from his ear on the ground, unconscious.

Yeah… We’re going here and we’re pissed off.


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