Episode 331 – The Morality of Schadenfreude

Oct 4, 2020 | | Say something

Streamed live on 4 Oct 2020

Earlier this week we had the US Presidential Debate, which was described as “A Shit Show”, but ALSO learned that US President Donald Trump was taken to Walter Reed Hospital after testing positive for Coronavirus Infection. And before you say “I Can’t Get Much Worse”, there is a conflict in the testing timeline, suggesting that he knew he was positive BEFORE the debate, still refused to wear a mask, had public and close-proximity contact with people, and refused to take an In Person test before the debate because he was behind schedule and was relying on “The Honour System”.

Now that Trump is in hospital (possibly a fakeout), how do we feel about the “Karma’s A Bitch” idea vs the “Wish No Harm” ideal?

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