Episode 011 – Questioning Reality

Jun 4, 2015 | | Say something

Streamed live on 5 Apr 2014

From emailer “S Ross”:

Love, Fairness, and Altruism are all ideals that drive the
actions of persons and societies. Yet, these concepts are
not evolutionary – meaning: as they manifest themselves in
a person’s actions, it does not necessarily contribute to or
advance that person’s survival or superiority under any natural
selection process. In fact, history show that people motivated
by these concepts often sacrifice their time, their fortunes, and
even their lives. We say they are real, but we cannot examine
them scientifically. So, to atheists, is there reality beyond the
physical? If we define these ideals as merely goals in man’s quest
for perfection, does not then “perfection” become the reality that
becomes the focus of our question?

So tonight we’re going to talk through the ideas of what ‘Reality’ is, can we quantify ideas like ‘Love’ and ‘Altruism’… and is it even possible to consider something ‘beyond’ the scope of reality as we know it?

Join us tonight as we tackle this email – and see where the ideas take us!

The Best Haka New Zealand vs France in Paris 2004 – http://youtu.be/6g3QbH_i2VU
Thomas and the Bible – http://www.thomasandthebible.com/
Scene from Babylon 5 ‘Severed Dreams’ – http://youtu.be/2mURWOwkFPM
Trailers for Star Trek the Next Generation:
‘Where No One Has Gone Before’ – http://youtu.be/YoJrnkdCH0c
‘Remember Me’ – http://youtu.be/0gCyxm0b7o4
Stanford Professor Andrei Linde celebrates physics breakthrough – http://youtu.be/ZlfIVEy_YOA
Dred Scott – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dred_Sco…
Rick Mercer Talking To Americans!! – http://youtu.be/BhTZ_tgMUdo?t=5m0s

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