Episode 124 – When Will it be ‘NOW?’

Jul 31, 2016 | | Say something
Streamed on Sunday, July 31
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We’ve stayed away from the US Political Scene, but there’s a topic that we can cover without dipping too far into the much. There’s so much dissatisfaction in the various political camps that people are talking a LOT more seriously about voting Third Party; some are taking a lot of flack for it, too. So, what do we think of this? Can this idea actually gain viable traction and what are the pitfalls ahead for that?

#FiveMinuteFreeStyle this week: “Talk about ‘Thin Skinned’!”

(Show Notes)
Gerrymandering Is Even More Infuriating When You Can Actually See It
The Top Ten Most Gerrymandered Congressional Districts in the United States

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