Episode 125 – Green is NOT Your Colour

Aug 28, 2016 | | Say something
Streamed live on 6 Aug 2016

First, check out the link from WISN-12News in the show notes.

Saw that? Good. We’re going to have a LONG talk about this issue and how this is playing out for the younger generation; the ones who aren’t yet organized or mobilized as the general LGBTQ populous is today. To help us along this discussion we’ve invited Callie Wright¬† from ‘The Gaytheist Manifesto’ to be on with us… because if you’re gunna talk about this one, it helps to have someone who actually KNOWS what she’s talking about.

Fair Warning – we MAY tip Godwin’s Law like a Table Flipping Madman this week.

#FiveMinuteFreeStyle this week: “Say, ‘When’.”

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(Show Notes)
Transgender student files federal lawsuit against Kenosha Unified School District

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(Host Notes)
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