Episode 268 – Global Wierding

Jul 7, 2019 | | Say something

Streamed on July 7, 2019

Mother Nature is off her meds, and it shows! Kevin Hester, co-host of ‘Nature Bats Last’, is joining us to talk about the weather and how whacked out it is!

No #5MFS tonight. Dalan’s not that spontaneous 😀

(Show Notes)
KTUU – Anchorage All Time High Temps
Phys.org – Carbon from Permafrost thaw
The Guardian – Antarctic Sea Ice since 2014
MSN.Com – Highest CO2 Levels in Human History
Washington Post – Record Levels of Rain in Japan force 1 million people to evacuate
Jem Bendell
Rupert Read
The Population Bomb
Isostatic Rebound – Glacial melting lightening the load on the Earth’s crust:
Kübler-Ross model
Heatstroke kills monkeys as India suffers in searing temperatures

(Guest Hosts)
Kevin Hester – Nature Bats Last

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