Monthly Archives: February 2020

Episode 297 – IT! JUST! DOESN’T! MATTER!

Feb 9, 2020 | | Say something

Streamed live on 09 February 2020 As a nod to Bill Murray (“Meatballs” 1979), why don’t we talk about $Diety or $Religion to debunk them? Read the title again, then come back and we’ll tell you what DOES matter. #5MFS Sorry Show Notes ABC Columbia – Lyft offering free rides to job interviews CBC […more]

Episode 296 – Simplicity is the Razor of the Skeptic

Feb 8, 2020 | | Say something

Streamed live on 1 Feb 2020 K.I.S.S. isn’t a band this time – it’s a mantra: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” When we’re thinking for ourselves it’s one of the greatest underpinnings of reasoned thinking. And no, you don’t need to be a Highly Educated Elitist Snob to do it! #5MFS Umpire

Episode 295 – Love Conquers All!

Feb 8, 2020 | | Say something

Streamed live on 25 Jan 2020 This past Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States. A man who, through his peaceful protests and civil disobedience challenged the status quo and propelled one of the largest social changes in the country to date. His words are still inspiring, his goals still daunting, […more]

Episode 294 – Catch 22 = Doubling Down

Feb 8, 2020 | | Say something

Streamed live on 18 Jan 2020 OH! What a tangled web we weave…. When we tell people, “The Facts Don’t Agree With Your Beliefs” and they blow a gasket and double-down harder. Should be bother to reach out to those dishonest people or force our ways into their shells? #5MFS Breath Show Notes Wikipedia – […more]