What is: HCTV?

In late 2013, Shujin, Dalan, Joey and Witchie were running a Friday Night online radio stream, described as ‘ a Morning Zoo at night’), and were making people upset and uncomfortable because they would stray into topics about religion & politics… decidedly unfunny areas of conversation.


Holy CRAP! The VlogCast started in January of 2014 to be an outlet for all the frustrations that they had.


Google Hangouts / YouTube was decided on due to it’s availability (nearly ubiquitous especially with Android Devices) and price (virtually nil). Plus, because we are able to talk to the audience, we feel that we are better able to connect with people who listen to / watch the show. We want to invite people to discuss with us and the rest of the listeners, calmly and with understanding – because distrust and misunderstandings are solved with listening and learning about one another.

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