Who are the hosts?

Current Roster

  • Shujin Tribble – Main Host hailing from Outside Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Dalan – Co-Host hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Joey – Co-Host hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Unrenowned Tech – Co-host hailing from Maryland, USA
  • Heretic Woman – Co-Host hailing from Ontario, Canada
  • Joseph (J. M.) – Co-Host hailing from Paris, France
  • Brigid Fitch – Co-host hailing from “The Mid-West”, USA

Previous Co-Hosts

  • Ashley
  • Witchie Bunny – (Currently Inactive) Co-host hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Gavin – (Currently inactive) Co-host hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Chris – (Currently inactive) Co-Host hailing from England, United Kingdom
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