Episode 153 – Down Goes Dick!

May 9, 2017 | | Say something
Streamed live on 26 Feb 2017

Think it’s been long enough since everyone else talked about it, so now let’s US talk about it. To Punch Or Not To Punch? THAT is the question.

#FiveMinuteFreeStyle “Make a difference”

(Show Notes)

“The Atheist Pig – A Hammy Critic of Religion”

(Host Notes)
— Shujin —
Twitter — @ShujinTribble / @HolyCrapTV

— Dalan —
Blog — http://inthewind.yo5.ca/

— Heretic Woman —
Beyond the Trailer Park
Web — http://www.BeyondTheTrailerPark.com

— Brigid —
Blog — https://brigidfitch2112.wordpress.com…

— Joseph —

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