Episode 193 – Grav-Mass 2017 (Laughing Stock)

Dec 24, 2017 | | Say something

Streamed live on December 24, 2017

First off, the U.S.’s Federal Government is more-and-more being seen as not just incompetent but willfully belligerent and ignorant. All in the face of The Age Of Information. And yet this anti-intellectualism seems to be the only “Trickle Down” that’s reaching ‘The People.’

We’re huddling together just before Grav-mass again this year, to be with you all – to talk about what you might still be afraid of, to allay your worst fears, to remind you that you still have family with us.

You are NOT alone this year.


(Show Notes)

CNN.com – New Ohio law prevents abortions in Down syndrome cases

NYTimes.com – Appeals Court Rules Against Latest Travel Ban

BBC.com – US plays hardball at UN over Jerusalem vote

CNN.com – US ambassador denies own comments, then denies denial

Operation: Fuel Beyond The Void

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