Episode 229 – Ladies, Sound Off (NSFW)

Nov 11, 2018 | | Say something

Streamed live on 30 Sep 2018

We try hard not to speak specifically on United States issues. But THIS time? This is beyond the pale!

We’re talking about the issue that is plaguing not ONLY the US, but all over the place: people who have been sexually abused, molested, raped, not only being the victims of the act, but where societally these same people have been coerced to do little to nothing about it, or even out-right dismissed and disbelieved.

*WARNING* This WILL be a Filter-Free show – the title is NSFW, the video will be Age Restricted, and a warning will appear in the beginning of the show.

#5MFS ‘DQ’

(Show Notes)

Huffington Post – Catholic Magazine Revokes
Endorsement Of Brett Kavanaugh After Hearing

Political Cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon

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