Episode 250 – F the F’ing F’ers! (NSFW)

Apr 16, 2019 | | Say something

Streamed live on 24 Feb 2019

Holy BALLS! We have a freekin’ Coast Guard Lieutenant looking to stage a one-man murder spree; executing higher-ups in the Democratic Party and news reporting agencies with weapons he’s accumulated – and reportedly had plans to acquire and release a biological agent too.

And NOTHING from the current president’s administration at all.

As this is a ‘Power of Ten’ episode, there will be no filters. This WILL be a ‘Not Safe For Work’ episode, and as such please consider yourself warned.

#5MFS ‘Pride’

(Show Notes)
AP News – Feds: Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit list of lawmakers

Sesame Street – How Milk Is Made

Sesame Street – Hamburger bun factory

Apache OpenOffice

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