Episode 252 – My child’s name is ‘AGCTPBZS’

Apr 16, 2019 | | Say something

Streamed live on 10 Mar 2019

Recently scientists were able to craft a new version of DNA as we know it. Using not just the usual chemical pairs of AGCT, but ADDING two new pairs, PBZS! the idea that DNA could be fundamentally different out in the Universe is amazing, but so too are to potential ramifications of customizing life here.

Add to that a recent discussion at Center For Inquiry (CFI) that Shujin was at were the questions of human genetic manipulation came up, especially the ethical questions.

…and we’ve got a topic!


(Show Notes)
SciShow News | New 8-Letter DNA Rewrites the Genetic Code

T1 Bacteriophages (“Phages”) [Unrenowed Tech’s Image]

Scanning Electron Microscope views of virus

Johns Hopkins Medicine – The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks

Wikipedia – CRISPR

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