Episode 184 – What’s your excuse now?

Nov 19, 2017 | | Say something
Streamed live on 22 Oct 2017
In the US, silent-peaceful protests have been done by American National Football League players. But that circle has been spreading: U.S. women’s national soccer team player, US Armed Forces Veterans, and even the German Football Association’s Hertha Berlin Sport-Club linked arms and took a knee before a recent match in solidarity with the protests.
But yet people in the US are still complaining; saying these people are worthless and should be fired from these jobs or compelled to stand for the national anthem….
These are HARDLY the first protests in sports regarding equality – and we’re going to talk about some of what this means on the World Stage.
#5MFS ‘Me Too’

(Show Notes)

USA Today Sept 2016 – “Megan Rapinoe kneels for national anthem before U.S. friendly vs. Thailand”
CBS News Oct 2017 – “Sacramento vets take a knee to protest injustice at city council meeting”
ABC News Oct 2017 – “‘Take a knee’ comes to Germany through Hertha solidarity”
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