Episode 198 – What’s Hell Like?

Mar 25, 2018 | | Say something

Streamed live on 28 Jan 2018

So the LOVELY folks in Missouri drafted and passed a law requiring a mandatory 72-hour waiting period before having an abortion. A member of The Satanic Temple wanted an abortion without the wait because it went against her religious beliefs.

The court argument was compelling and the lawmaker backpedaling began in earnest; patients weren’t to be COMPELLED, only OFFERED the chance for an ultrasound and to hear any heartbeats.

We’re talking about these vilified champions of the legal trolling, because DAMN! they’re GOOD at what they do!

#5MFS ‘Hell’s worse?’

(Show Notes)

DeadState.org: “Satanic Temple successfully argues that Missouri’s abortion laws violate their religious freedom”

Des Moines Register: “Nicole Finn gets 3 life sentences for starving 3 of her adopted children until 1 died”

The Satanic Temple Veterans’ Monument

Satanists want to use Hobby Lobby decision to exempt women from anti-abortion laws

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