Episode 211 – Why Would You Do That?

Jul 1, 2018 | | Say something

Streamed live on 13 May 2018

At a viewing of the Marvel movie, “Avengers: Infinity War”, someone stood up before the lights came up and… well, let an eyewitness describe it. “I think when he said, ‘If you were to die tonight, would your passage to heaven be guaranteed?’ — something along those lines — I think that’s when people started panicking.”

So we’re diving into the question for believers, “Why would you do that?!” Why would you yell that in a movie theater and scare people, why would you scare children telling them they’re hurting Jesus when they lie, why would you waterboard newborns by dunking them head-first in water over and over again?

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(Show Notes)

CBS News – ‘If You Were To Die Tonight’:
Preacher Causes Panic In Theater At ‘Avengers’ Showing

Christian Post – Pastor Arrested at Movie Theater for
Preaching After ‘Avengers’ Tells His Side of the Story

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